Thinking about a New career In The Locksmith industry? Here's What You Need to Know

Thinking about a New career In The Locksmith industry? Here's What You Need to Know

The locksmith industry can be a very profitable one that is if you are willing to put in the long hours, the early starts and of course the midnight or early morning callouts. I mean who wants a phone call or text message at 2am on a Sunday morning because someone has partied too hard on Saturday night and lost their house keys on the way home?

24 hour locksmith for Bolton

The truth is that these are the times and days that most people or businesses call out a professional 24 hour locksmith so these are the days and the times that the locksmith must be ready to spring into action and go out to work, imagine if your own job required that you get up out of bed at 3am in the middle of winter to go out to work for an hour then come back and try to get back to sleep? This is the life of a professional 24 hour locksmith, still interested? Read on.

A locksmith would love to get phone calls and work during the day, during the week just like most other businesses and tradesmen like Builders, Plasterers, Roofers etc, but unfortunately this is not where the profitable work is for a locksmith, sure some locksmiths take on repeat and contract work for local estate agents, lettings agents or landlords where they are called on to do security updates or lock changes and repairs, however, even some contract work for local estate agents, lettings agents and landlords will require the locksmith to accompany the bailiffs on a dawn raid at 6am or even earlier to gain access to property after an eviction and then to change the locks, and apart for the early start this is not pleasant work. It’s not nice or rewarding to be part of an eviction, throwing someone out of their home, especially a family.

If this hasn’t put you off the whole industry as a whole and you still want to do the training to become a professional locksmith then you’ll need to find a locksmith training college where you can be taught the skills needed do the job professionally and skilfully. The truth is that people can start training as a locksmith at any age and they do, and both men and women are now going down this worthwhile career path. Train Locksmiths in Greater Manchester, the leading and oldest locksmith training college in the UK say that they have taught students, both male and female, as young as 16 to as old and 60, of course the 16 to 30 year olds are probably embarking on their first career whereas the trainees aged between 30 and 60 are more than likely looking for a change of vocation after redundancy or after getting board of their current job. Mark Aldred, the founder and head tutor at Train Locksmiths also told us that they train many ex armed forces personnel who are looking for a new career after leaving the army or navy and the Ministry of Defence actually helps out with fees on some occasions, so if you have just left the armed forces and are looking for a new rewarding career then the locksmith industry may be for you.

Training is what separates the professional locksmith from the amateur locksmith and in an industry where there is no regulation at all by government bodies there are unfortunately lots of amateurs currently touting for work. The number of amateur locksmith operating in the UK has being growing in recent years mainly due to the emergence of cheap online video training courses and cheap business set-up thanks to the internet, now watching a bunch of training videos purchased from a so called online locksmith training company is no substitute for actual physical hands on training where the tutor is present and on hand to show you what’s what and to make sure you are doing things correctly.

Some unskilled amateurs or “have a go” locksmiths as the professionals like to call them don’t even spring for the online video training course, choosing instead to watch a bunch of free how to videos they got off Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or other video sharing website many of which give incorrect techniques and poor advice. At the end of the day many of these amateurs end up with a vague understanding of the industry yet rarely acquire the skill-set they need to do the job professionally.

The amateur, unskilled locksmiths tend to go for the emergency access jobs, the 24 hour call-outs, rather than general locksmith and security work and there is a reason for this and it’s because gaining access through a locked door with the home or business owner’s permission is a relatively easy task, even for people with little or no training in the locksmith industry. Armed with a portable drill, a hammer, some chisels and other tools the amateur locksmith will drill, hammer and chisel away at your lock until they open your door, usually leaving a horrendous mess and lots of damage in the process, They’ll then hand you a hefty bill for their efforts because after all, you hired them to gain access through your locked door, that’s what they did regardless of how they did it.

A professional locksmith who has had the correct training will always first try what is known in the industry as “non destructive entry” where they will attempt to pick your lock either manually or with some digital lock picking tool or gain access in some other non destructive way, without giving away trade secrets, they have a range of specialist tools at their disposal for this very task, all of which are designed to do no damage.

A professional locksmith will leave very little mess and if they can, no damage to your lock or door allowing you to retrieve your spare set of keys and carry on as if nothing happened.

So if you are thinking about a new and exciting career in the locksmith industry then please go about it properly, get the proper training from qualified tutors and don’t be a have a go amateur.