Can a Modern High Security Vehicle Still Be Opened By An Auto Locksmith?

Can a Modern High Security Vehicle Still Be Opened By An Auto Locksmith?

When the first Motel T Fords rolled off the production line way back in 1908 a car thief was a phrase that still hadn't been invented, nobody stole cars and the Model T Ford didn't even have a key to start it or doors that even locked for that matter. The first cars that required a key to engage the ignition and start the engine didn't arrive on the market until after the Second World War in around 1949.

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As the vehicle industry advances and cars become much more technologically advanced so does the auto locksmith industry. As new vehicles get equipped with the latest so called unbeatable security features the auto locksmiths must equip themselves with the latest locksmith technology and equipment designed to circumvent the vehicles security systems, it's a vicious circle that people out side of the locksmith industry have little knowledge of.

When you buy a new vehicle you want to keep it so you want it to have the very latest security features, you want your new pride and joy to have the very best engine immobiliser and a top of the range alarm, you don't want anyone to be able to start your vehicle without the key card inserted or the key in the ignition yet when you lose your car keys or your key card or simply lock them inside of the vehicle like many people do on a daily basis, you then want an auto locksmith the come around and gain access to your vehicle quickly, easily and without doing any damage to your lock or paintwork.

You have two different types of locksmith, you have the general locksmith who works with private homes, businesses, offices etc and you have the auto locksmith who of course works with vehicles, both are very different and both require different training courses, some locksmiths work with homes, businesses and vehicles, some do one or the other.

Regrettably the general locksmith industry is awash with amateurs all touting for a piece of the action and the earnings and that's why when you search on Google for a locksmith in your area you tend to get pages and pages of results, even when searching small town and villages for example if you'd search for a locksmith in Kendal which is a small town in the lake district where you'd expect to find one or two results if any you get pages and pages. The reason for this is that the locksmith industry is completely unregulated, you don't need official certification and you don't even need a DBS (formerly CRB) check either, genuine locksmiths get these done voluntarily.

Many general locksmiths, especially the ones trying to get the call-out work are untrained, they'll typically turn up at you home or business with a drill and hammer and proceed to drill out your lock right off the bat without even attempting to pick the lock or gain entry some other way. Their goal is to gain entry and get paid as quickly as possible, now not all general locksmiths are unskilled, amateurs, some have had professional training at of the UK's locksmith Training Colleges but trying to find a professional in the sea of amateurs can be a daunting and difficult task. There are ways to filter out the professionals whom we'll cover in a future article; the focus of this article is the difference between the general locksmith and the auto locksmith.

When you search for an auto locksmith on Google whether it's a general search or you search more local by including your town or city  you find that you get far fewer results than you get when you search for a general locksmith, this is because with the auto locksmith industry it's very difficult to 'wing it' so to speak, you can't you 'have a go' at being an auto locksmith and hope your client doesn't catch on, to be an auto locksmith you do need to know what you are doing and you do need to have the correct equipment and skill-set, an auto locksmith cant simple attack your vehicles lock with a drill, screwdriver or hammer, the vehicle locking system is much more complex, full of electronics and run by the vehicle onboard computer, in fact many modern vehicle don't even have a visible lock, so can the auto locksmith still gain access?

A skilled auto locksmith will be able to gain access to most makes and models of vehicle and as new vehicles with updated security come onto the marketplace so do new tools and gadgets to assist the auto locksmith and the reason with every car thief doesn't simply buy the same equipment used by the auto locksmith is simples, firstly the equipment is very expensive and secondly you need to be trained to use it.

The auto locksmith doesn't just help people gain access to their vehicles after they have lost their keys or key card or the batteries have run out in their key fob, the auto locksmith also provides a range of additional services such as car key duplication, key card reprogramming and more