Ways To Make You and Your Family More Secure In Your Own Home In 2019

Ways To Make You and Your Family More Secure In Your Own Home In 2019

Professional locksmiths spend a majority or their time visiting private homes and businesses servicing, repairing and fixing problems with doors and window locks throughout, Walkden, Greater Manchester the north west and it is very important that during the colder and darker winter months that all of your locks and security systems are fully functional on your property and business premises. With the long dark winter nights offering a greater opportunity for theft and burglaries to happen it is mandate that your security is given a higher priority and here are some suggestions from professional, independent Locksmiths in order for you to keep your property safe throughout the remainder of the winter period:

External Doors

Make certain that you ensure that all your doors (rear, front, french doors, patio doors) are fully functional and operational and by operational we mean check that your door can both open and close with ease and can be fully locked and unlocked without sticking. If you find either of these an issue with your door, it may be worth getting this looked at by a professional locksmith, many local locksmiths offer fixed priced security checks. Issues like this can frequently lead up to additional problems such as one day you may come home from a long shift, the weather is horrible and you’d find that you are unable to open your door so need to call out and emergency locksmith. It’s always best to take precautions beforehand when you start to notice issues rather than leaving it later.

Always check your external doors have fully functional locks and that All your deadlocks carry the BS kitemark on the faceplate, If you are not sure that your locks are up to standard call out a locksmith to give you an insurance assessment

UPVc and Aluminium Windows

Almost 90% of homeowners and businesses admit to never checking their windows as much as they check their doors, some people never check whether their window locks are functioning at all. This is a disturbing statistic. Windows (particularly those that are easily accessible from the outside i.e on the ground floor or on easily assessable balconies etc) should be methodically checked to see if they can be closed and locked properly. It is IMPORTANT that you make sure that you have proper functioning locks fitted to windows as not only does it secure your property but it is usually a necessary requirement in home insurance policies in case of break - ins. Not having insurance approved locks on your windows could null your insurance policy , is it really worth NOT having proper window locks installed?

Keep a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbour

We have all been there when it comes to being locked out your home. It’s not a very pleasant experience - but add the cold weather and dark nights to this and this can make this situation a lot more stressful. It's always a good idea to make sure you have access to a spare key, be this family member or neighbour. It is highly recommended to NOT leave spare keys around your premises "hidden", as burglars know all the hiding places and you never know who is watching you and knows where your key is being 'hidden'.

If it is not possible to leave a key with a family member or neighbour who you trust -It might be worth looking into key minders/external key holders so that if you do find yourself in a situation where you are locked out of the key, you are able to access a spare key so you’re not left out in the cold.

If you do find yourself locked out without access to a spare key then you can call on the services of a local independent locksmith, but do be vigilant and never use a large national locksmith company as their fees are typically 10 times higher due to their massive overheads and large advertising budgets, plus as they are a national company you'll be very lucky if they do in fact have a locksmith on their books who is in fact local to you, regardless of what they tell you over the phone with people who have used their services regularly being left waiting in the cold for up to 6 hours.

Just spend that that extra few minute scrolling through the results on your smartphone until you find a genuine local locksmith with a local address where you know that when you call them you're speaking to the person who is coming out to you and not to a person in a call centre telling you that their engineer in just "around the corner" each time you call back to find out where your locksmith is...